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Zambia, Africa

Walking Safari

September 11 -

October 1 , 2008

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Zambia Walking Safari

September 11-October 1, 2008

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Last November, I toured Zambia, Africa on Safari in search of the best way to see the famous wildlife of the dark contnent.  A good friend Jamie Pollack referred me to Andventure Andy who is a specialist in African Safaris. The high energy Andy, who is never at a loss for words sold me on Zambia as the first choice for Safarai. The traditional safari is in east Africa in Tanzania and Kenya during the winter months watching the animals cross the great plains in search of water.  The east African Safaris are now extremely commmercialized with large capcitiy lodges and access roads crowded with Range Rovers in search of the Big Five of Africa (Elephants, Giraffe, Lion, Hippopotamus, Zebra).  Andy sold me on the best kept secrect of African safaris- walking tours of the bush camps of Zambia. 

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With eight to fourteen max occupancy, Zambia offers a true grass roots experience in seeing the Big Five. For example, in my 10 days on safari in November, I had wild elephants eating outside my chalet at night and roaming through the reception area of our lodge, our grouped walk up within 50 yards of a pride of 18 lions, had Hippos roam by our chalet at night, witnessed a rare day sighting of the Bush Pig and saw a Hynia feeding young.  To end our trip we visited Livingston in Zambia to witness the greatest nature show on earth, Victoria Falls. Victoria falls is one of the most magnificent sights in the world: a mile wide waterfall on the Zambia and Zimbabwe border that dwarfs Niagara falls.  There is nothing like a little bit of tourism including booze cruises, bungi jumps, curio shops, rafting and hiking after 2 weeks in the African Bush.

For our return trip to Zambia, I customized the itinerary to make the trip seamless and to mazimize our time in the Bush Camps of Zambia.  The Zambia trip participants will spend two full weeks in the Bush during High Safari Season (dry season): 1 week in South Zuangwa National Park and 1 week in Kafue National Park.   We will return to Mfuwe Lodge and visit two differnt Bush camps in the Luangwa Valley and then move to McBrides Camp for 7 nights including a few nights at McBrides remote Fly Camp.  The trip ends with 3 days in Livingstone staying at the base of Victoria Falls at Stanley Safari Lodge.  In Livingtone, I arranged a tour of Victoria Falls, a cruise of the Zambezi River and picnic on Livingstone Island for High Tea.  There will be plenty of time for other excursions including Zambezi Gorge Swing, Bungee Jumping, Rafting, ariel tours etc.

South African Airways will take us into and out of Zambia from the United States. While in Zambia, I arranged private charters for our group that will fly us directly to the Bush Camps and then into Livingstone to finish our tour of Zambi.  See links below for more information on the different Bush Camps and to download a printable flyer with Zambia trip itinerary and package pricing information

The Bush Camp Company                   McBrides Bush Camp

Mfuwe Lodge                                            Stanley Safari Lodge      

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