USS Spiegel Grove

U.S.S. Spiegel Grove

The Ultimate Wreck Dive

Speigel Grove: Forward Crane ArmSpeigel JewfishSpeigel Grove: Wire Spools

The Spiegel Grove is 510 feet long 84 feet wide and lies in 130 feet of water just 6 miles off the coast of Key Largo. The ship is an LSD, a naval Landing Ship Dock which means the vessel is shaped like a pick up truck where the bow is the hood, the superstructure is the cab and the vast well deck resembles the bed of truck.  The Spiegel Grove is so massive that it takes a few dives just to see the entire length of the ship.  The entire superstructure of the Spiegel Grove lies above 100 feet and has numerous artificial cutouts that allow ambient light to penetrate the immense wreck.  In other words, the Spiegel contains 4 levels of corridors, rooms and entries that allow for easy navigation by advanced divers trained in penetrating wrecks.   The Spiegel Grove is the ultimate wreck dive but for Advanced Divers only due to the depths of the ship and the potential for strong currents. A Wreck Diving certification is not required but highly recommended to dive the Spiegel Grove.

Fantastic Endeavors is reserving spaces for wreck tours of the Spiegel Grove. Advanced tours of the wreck include "swim through" excursions into the captain's quarters and galley, the wheelhouse, the machine shop, the main galley and mess halls, and the vast well deck.  Of course, there may be a chance sighting the world famous mural of Snoopy-"The Spiegel Beagle," the mascot of the Spiegel Grove.

Pictures from inside the vast superstructure of the Spiegel Grove

Speigel Grove: Machine Shop, Porter and Cable LatheSpiegel Grove- SnoopySpiegel Grove: Enlisted Men Mess Hall

         Machine Shop             The famous Snoopy!!            Main Mess Hall

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Fantastic Endeavors is based in Key Largo which is the first and closet of the Florida Keys to Miami.  We organize SCUBA diving classes, dive trips, group tours and events throughout the calendar year to the Florida Keys.  We are currently enrolling SCUBA Classes and Spiegel Grove wreck tours.  Please call 305-453-9208 for more information on diving in the Florida Keys and Spiegel Grove tours or email at

“Diving the Spiegel Grove right side up with Dave Hartman was amazing.  Dave knew most of the boat inside out and was able to take me on tour inside the boat that covered so many highlights; the mess hall, captain’s quarters, and the wheel room.  He also showed me where the secret “Snoopy” is located.  He made the most of our 35 minutes at 90+ ft.  Thanks Dave, I look forward to coming back and going through other parts of that boat.” 

- Paul Acerbi,

Vice President

Synovate YC