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The Florida Keys

Why visit the Florida Keys......Just a few Reasons!

The Atmosphere.......

dsc04546dsc07732World Class Fishing

The Florida Keys are all about sunshine, sunsets and and a laid-back lifestyle.   Just one hour south of Miami down US Rte 1, the Florida Keys are the southernmost island chain in United States.  There are 42 bridges from Key Largo to Key West that spans over 100 miles of US Rte 1.   From "mile marker" 107 in Key Largo to "mile marker 0 in Key West the experience in the Keys is truly unique and the scenery is amazing! Every "Key" or small island is an independent community with their own local flavor.  There is legendary SCUBA diving on the reefs and wrecks of Key Largo, world class fishing in Islamorda, the Key Deer of Big Pine Key and the Sunset Party at Mallory Square and Duval Street in Key West.   Year-round warm temperatures and Caribbean style blue water add to the majestic scenery of the Florida Keys.

The Reefs.................

spotted moray eelsea turtlespotted eagle ray

The coral reefs in the Florida Keys are all about seeing aquatic life.  The gulf stream flows just a few miles off the coast of Key Largo bringing warm, blue, nutrient rich Caribbean water into the shallower reefs that border the area.  Most of the reefs off Key Largo are in 20-30 feet of water which makes exploration of these sites accessible even to new divers and snorkelers.  Hard and soft corals line the patch and "spur and groove" style reef systems.  Living on these coral reefs are literally thousands of schooling fish, nurse sharks, moray eels, sea turtles, spotted eagle rays, stingrays and barracuda.  On special occasions you may even see a hammerhead, a manta ray or  whale shark.   The reef system's close proximity to shore makes for short boat rides for dive operators from the different dockage points in Key Largo.

Current Weather: Molasses Reef Tower Key Largo, Florida

The Wrecks.............

U.S.S Spiegel Grove LSD 32 (Now right side up!)

The Spiegel is so massive that it takes a few dives just to see the entire length of the ship.   The Spiegel Grove is the ulimate wreck dive but for Advanced Divers  only due to the depths of the ship and the potential for strong currents.  

USS Spiegel GroveSpeigel Grove Bowspiegel grove gangway

Click the pictures above to read more about the Spiegel Grove

Coast Guard Cutters Duane and Bibb

Duane-WheelhouseDuane-Crow's NestDuane-Superstructure

The Duane and Bibb are 327 foot Coast Guard Cutters intentionally sank of the coast of Key Largo in November 1987.  The Duane sits right side up in 130 feet of water while the ship's crows nest rises from the deck of the cutter and serves as a haven for schooling barracuda and permit.  In clear visibility, the Duane represents one of the best wreck dives in the world and a must see location when on a dive vacation in Key Largo.  The Bibb is a few hundred yards away from the Duane but rests on her starboard side which makes the dive much deeper and more disorienting than the Duane but just as spectcular to see underwater.  The Duane and Bibb are for Advanced Divers  due to its depth and the potential of strong currents.

Check out picture of our tour all three major wrecks in Key Largo in 1 day:

Heavy Metal Wreck Tour Key Largo March 2006

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