Fantastic Endeavors

SCUBA Diving Testimonials

Here is what some of our recent students have to say about their training experience with Fantastic Endeavors: 

"Dave Hartman has really made learning to SCUBA dive a relaxing and enjoying experience!   His professionalism and personality really made getting my open-water certificate a pleasure.  He comes highly recommended to anyone looking for a place to learn to SCUBA dive."

-Marco Acerbi

Toronto, Canada

"I had a great time with Fantastic Endeavors Scuba training. Dave's depth of knowledge, as well as his own passion for the sport, makes him uniquely qualified as a diving instructor. His helpful hints and patience with new divers all adds up to great diving - you'll start with great dives, and finish with a whole new skill set. Thanks Dave!!"

- Chris Ginther

Washington D.C.

"Dave Hartman and the Fantastic Endeavors crew really care about their students.  I learned a ton, felt safe under their instruction, and most importantly had fun."

James D. Warring

Olney, Maryland

"Alan and I had a tremendous experience and we both feel MUCH  better about our skills.  It was almost a spiritual experience for me, especially on the second day...  We have not talked about anything but scuba diving since we came home, and the friends and family are all enthralled with our tales of reefs and wrecks...  Thanks again for the great trip and the learning experience."

-Dr. Mark Norris

Dallas, Texas

"Dave provided the perfect PADI training experience.  He was always available at any time to answer any questions I had about the materials.  He even took the time to review the dive tables from the Open Water course.  He was very complimentary when things went right during the check out dives and provided constructive criticism on areas where I needed improvement."

- Tamara Wainer

New York City

 "Diving the Spiegel Grove right side up with Dave Hartman was amazing.  Dave knew most of the boat inside out and was able to take me on tour inside the boat that covered so many highlights; the mess hall, captain’s quarters, and the wheel room.  He also showed me where the secret “Snoopy” is located.  He made the most of our 35 minutes at 90+ ft.  Thanks Dave, I look forward to coming back and going through other parts of that boat.” 

- Paul Acerbi,

Toronto, Canada

"Thanks for the training and for good dives - I really like wreck diving and learned alot more this time - I feel like the diving I have done in the last year has really improved my skills and I really enjoy diving down in the keys for the price and proximity you can't beat it."

-Brian Monroe
Morrisville, North Carolina

"Your leadership for our team - especially for my teenage boys - was just fantastic.  In five days we covered a tremendous amount of material, made a significant number of dives, and had fun in the process.  Your hospitality really made a real difference; having us over to your house for several nights was really above the call of duty, and made for a lot of memories for us!  Your high energy and upbeat style really kept us going and made it fun.  Finally, your flexibility in working with us made it all work. We were not on the same level when we arrived, and yet you made it all work so that we could all achieve the same goals on leaving."

- John Wiggin

Littleton, Colorado

"I had always wanted to complete my advanced open water cert but was not looking forward to being with a group of people swimming in a rock quarry and getting limited attention. Working with Dave was a great experience and I received personal attention. My time spent in Key Largo with Dave not only gave me an in depth exposure to the areas I chose for my advanced cert with excellent 1 on 1 discussion and practice but also was extremely fun because of the diversity and the ability to do my cert in one of the best diving areas in the U.S. Key Largo offers the best opportunity to work on your areas of expertise including underwater photography, deep dives, wreck dives and navigation all within a 30 minute boat ride from the dock. Dave works with one of the best dive shops in the area and I was very impressed with his emphasis on safety as well as his knowledge of dive sites and planning of dives that we did."

-Brian Monroe

Morrisville, North Carolina

"Thank you very much for everything you did for us when we were in Key Largo, FL. It was GREAT!!!!!! Thanks again!!!!"

-Aiste Kielaite

Mclean, Virginia

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you for helping me get my open water certification. Everyone associated with your dive shop was top notch and made me feel right at home. Captain Mike and George were very helpful on my first dive even if the weather wasn’t cooperative and Bob was great on my second dive. I also want to single out Dave Hartman my instructor. He did a fantastic job. He was knowledgeable and patient and went at my pace. He even took time out of his schedule after hours to show me around the Keys. I’ll be looking to Dave and Ocean Divers to help me get my Advanced Open Water and Nitrox certifications when the time comes.  It was one of the best two days of my life. You guys will be the only dive shop I go to when I come to Florida."

-Paul Acerbi

Toronto, Canada

"I dove the Speigel Grove with a nice, professional guy called Dave Hartman in January... He used Ocean Divers' boats and they seemed to be very well-run"

-Benedict Addis

Reading, England