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Congratulations to all of those students who completed SCUBA diving courses with Fantastic Endeavors this past year.  This page is our resource to post pictures, testimonials, fun stories and experiences from our students.  Click on the links below to see underwater photos from some of our students.  We are here to help you stay active in the sport of SCUBA diving.  Please let us know how we can assist you!

Jason, Paul and Bill AOW Class April 2006

Ashley Roll Jr. Open Water Class August 2005

Greg Roll on The Eagle Tavanier May 2005

Greg Roll on Speigel Grove Key Largo May 2005

Sara Williams at Key Largo July 2004

Tamara Wainer at Key Largo November 2004

Tamara Wainer at Puerto Rico December 2004

Todd Guidry at Little Cayman (land pics)

Todd Guidry at Little Cayman (underwater pics)

Brian Monre at Key Largo August 2004

Wiggin Family at Key Largo August 2004

Andrew Moran at Key Largo Feb 2004

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"Dave provided the perfect PADI training experience.  He was always available at any time to answer any questions I had about the materials.  He even took the time to review the dive tables from the Open Water course.  He was very complimentary when things went right during the check out dives and provided constructive criticism on areas where I needed improvement."

- Tamara Wainer