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Fantastic Endeavors is affiliated with Emergency First Response: (EFR) an innovative CPR/first aid program and the Divers Alert Network (DAN):

a non-profit medical and research organization dedicated to the safety and health of recreational scuba divers.   Below is a list of our EFR and DAN Courses and pricing schedule.  Course integrated packages are available.*

Emergency First Responder (EFR)

CPR/Primary Care and First Aid/ Secondary Care                        $100 

This multimedia course teaches CPR and Basic First Aid techniques. The course follows internationally recognized protocols for CPR and Basic First Aid and fulfills the prerequisite requirement for Rescue Diver certification

              One day course  

Emergency First Responder Electives:

Automated Electronic Defibrillator(AED)                                      $75

An AED is a life saving electronic device that is recognized as a more effective form of primary care than standard CPR.  AED's are now mandatory in public facilities such as airports. This course teaches the proper techniques for use of an AED on adolescence and adults.

CPR and Secondary Care/First Aid and AED for Children            $75

The Emergency First Response Care for Children course is an innovative CPR, first aid and AED training course that teaches people how to provide emergency care for injured or ill children (ages one to eight) and infants less than one year old. You will learn about medical emergencies that children face and how they differ from adult conditions. The curriculum also includes the importance of attending to basic emergency situations with children, the emotional aspects of caring for children, secondary care for children, and preventing common injuries and illnesses in children

             EFR Electives may be combined with the basic EFR one day course

Divers Alert Network Courses (DAN)

Oxygen First Aid for Scuba Diving Injuries                                 $75

As a recreational diver, you can receive training to provide vital first aid that can make a difference to a scuba diver with decompression illness. The DAN Oxygen Provider Course provides entry-level training in the recognition and management of possible diving-related injuries using emergency oxygen first aid.

             One day course

On-Site Neurological Assessment for Divers New                     $75
Learn how to conduct a neurological assessment on a potentially injured diver in this course. The information gained in this assessment can help convince a diver of the need for oxygen first aid, and help a dive physician determine the proper treatment

             One day course

            * DAN and EFR courses may be integrated with the PADI Rescue Diver course.  All EFR and DAN course textbooks are sold separately

For more information or to reserve a space for an EFR or DAN course:

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"Dave Hartman and the Fantastic Endeavors crew really care about their students.  I learned a ton, felt safe under their instruction, and most importantly had fun."

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