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Picture Gallery: SCUBA Diving

Click the links Below to see pictures From Our SCUBA Diving Vacations:

Grenada Wind Dancer Trip May 2006

Grand Cayman November 2005

Roatan, Honduras September 2005

Homestead Crater Midway, Utah August 2005

Tobago January 2005

Roatan, Honduras November 2004

Little Cayman Island October 2004

Cozumel, Mexico September 2004

Palau-South Pacific August 2004

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Alan and I had a tremendous experience and we both feel MUCH  better about our skills.  It was almost a spiritual experience for me, especially on the second day...  We have not talked about anything but scuba diving since we came home, and the friends and family are all enthralled with our tales of reefs and wrecks...  Thanks again for the great trip and the learning experience.

-Dr. Mark Norris