Egypt Picture Gallery

Egypt-Red Sea Picture Gallery

Best of the Best: Hot Shots from our egypt vacations

    Egypt                                              The Red Sea

Pyramids of Egypt                         The Red Sea Fleet

September 2007 Hot Shots


Alexandria, Egypt

July 2006 Hot Shots

  Egypt                                              The Red Sea

Great Pyramid and Sphinx                         Napolean Wrasse

Complete Photo Galleries by Location from our egypt Vacations:

                  Abu Simbel                                             Cairo                                Abu Simbel                        Mohammed Ali Mosque 

    Luxor Temple                             Karnak Temple

Luxor Temple                       Karnak Temple

                                      Kom Ombo                         Valley of the Kings

Kom Ombo                     Valley of the Kings

                                      Edfu Temple                        Nile Story Cruise

Edfu                    Nile Story

                                 Pyramids of Giza                 Sakkara Complex

dsc01040                    Step Pyramid

Egypt-Red Sea News Blog

"The most impressive part of ancient Egypt is the grand style and meticulous detail in which structures and temples were built.  Every temple covers enough ground to host a large concert and are as tall as a 10 story building..Our native Egyptian tour guides, ensured that we traveled safely, saw all the great sites and gave us enough information on Egypt to win on Jeopardy. "

-David W. Hartman

Tour Coordinator

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