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Fantastic Endeavors Vision Statement

Fantastic Endeavors is founded on the premise of “Enjoy the Journey;” a vision that "adventure" is both a destination and an extraordinary journey.  Our mission is to bring people closer to the "adventure of their dreams" by inspiring individuals and groups to add adventure into their lives and empowering these people to take the next step on a fantastic journey.  Fantastic Endeavors specializes in organizing adventure trips along "the road less traveled:" to unique destinations with customized itineraries that strike the hearts and imagination of adventure travelers.  Some of the recent itineraries organized by Fantastic Endeavors include travel to Egypt and the Red Sea, African Safaris, The Galapagos Islands, Morocco, Roatan Honduras, Dominica, Grenada and the Grenadines, Tobago, Cozumel, Cayman Islands, the Florida Keys, and tours in Yellowstone National Park. 

Recently, Fantastic Endeavors entered into a strategic alliance with Learning Through Travel to expand Fantastic Endeavors’ selection of customizable adventure travel itineraries.  Learning Through Travel, with 22 years experience in international travel, is a leader in developing awe-inspiring itineraries to some of the most exciting destinations of the world.  Future destinations available through the partnership of Fantastic Endeavors and Learning Through Travel include Peru, Costa Rica, Greece, Turkey, the Seychelles, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

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Fantastic Endeavors is the creation of David W. Hartman who organizes and leads all of our extraordinary adventure trips.   David is a successful entrepreneur and an avid adventure traveler who retired from a successful business to pursue the dream of being a SCUBA Instructor and an adventure tour leader.  During his years of adventure travel, David realized that there is a need for an intermediary between adventure minded individuals and the travel industry.  Mr. Hartman researches and inspects all of the company's destinations to ensure travelers a safe, reliable and credible adventure opportunity and creates customized itineraries to cater to the preferences of the traveler.  The benefit of working with Fantastic Endeavors is that the company owner is your teacher, tour guide and group leader.